The simple way to make teamwork feel good. Say thanks, spread joy, get points, get paid. Easy!

Wouldn’t the world be nicer if everyone said thanks? TiM is the user-friendly way to boost employee communication, improve morale and put the joy back into teamwork.

A happy team is a productive team. Whatever the size of your business, TiM House Points System can improve staff engagement AND save you money.
TiM is an online system for users to say thanks to each other, and publicly acknowledge their team successes by giving and receiving Team House Points.

As well as the feel-good factor, points also have a real-world value, set by you. Your team can choose how to spend the points they get, putting them back in the driving seat and increasing employee engagement.

With a clear, easy-to-use online interface, TiM is quick to set up, fully customisable and the simplest way to get your teams all pulling in the right direction. Try it. What have you got to lose?!
With TiM you simply set the budget, your team builds points and their positivity and you all reap the rewards.

Each employee becomes a member of a ‘House’ and is given a unique login to access their TiM dashboard. From here, they are able to award House Points to colleagues, along with a short description of why that person should be recognised.

Each TiM House Point is assigned a monetary value, set by you. Points can be set up in different categories aligned with your business values and goals. For example, you might give points for Teamwork, Leadership, Initiative, or Problem Solving – it’s fully customisable to whatever your business needs.

For those truly special moments, there’s Super Points. Allocated by management to celebrate outstanding achievements, the Super Point is the best way to show appreciation for everyone’s hard work. Its value is down to you.

From their dashboard, users can see all the points they have given and received each month, along with how much that accrues for their House. Teams can choose how to spend their rewards – either individually, or on rewards for the whole team.

TiM integrates seamlessly with Slack, so teams can see points being awarded in real time.

A range of reporting features allow you to monitor how each team is doing, and watch how a simple ‘thank you’ really can change the world!

Say thanks, spread joy, get points, get paid. Easy!
Happy teams do better business.

Get the most out of your employee reward and recognition spend by putting teams in control of creating their own rewards. TiM is more than just a system – it’s a movement, empowering staff to spread positivity, communicate well and reap the rewards, TiM can boost morale, improve staff turnover and increase employee satisfaction. All this from a little ‘thank you’, for an incredibly low price per user.

Being recognised publicly by peers builds the warm and fuzzy feelings which keep office politics to a minimum for teams both large and small. If your business struggles with a negative staff culture, putting teams in charge of driving their own rewards could not be more simple, with TiM.

The House system brings together people from different departments and business functions. We have found building new working relationships sparks creativity, collaboration and boosts productivity.

When everyone is in it together, employees are empowered to bring their best self to work. It couldn’t be simpler.
TiM pricing is simple and easy to understand for any size business. Based on a tiered price system, the more users registered, the lower the price per user. You control the value of each house point depending on your overall reward and recognition budget.
Small to medium businesses (suitable for a minimum of 5 users):

from £3 per user per month.
Enterprise Users:

Please get in touch for a bespoke quote for Enterprise pricing.
+What size businesses is TiM suitable for? +Can I choose my own House Point Values? +Can I add new users if a new staff member joins? +How can House Points be ‘spent’? +Do I need to have Slack to use TiM?
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Melanie Beard
Very user friendly, even I can use it!
Ben Frazer
A great tool to acknowledge the successes of the team and to see your efforts rewarded as an actual value. Encourages everyone in the business to give praise where its due, to whoever deserves it.
Becky Rose
I like that it helps motivate our otherwise obstreperous devs to engage with our company culture. That's remarkable!
Jarrod Verhagen
It's pretty fun to reward people points for helping you or the company, and getting recognized for hard work is pretty great. Plus with the slack integration it takes me no times to give someone a point.
Ricky O’Donnell
Tim is a must for all business owners, not only will TiM save you money, it will encourage communication, team engagement, positive mindsets & encourages your teams to say thank you for jobs well done.

It’s the small things that make the big difference. Totally transformed our business.